About Us



TGC– The Gymnastics Center is home to the largest gymnastics facility on the westside of Cincinnati.  Our 25,000sq ft space has dedicated areas for our preschool gymnasts, class gymnasts, and a separate team area.  We also have a multi-purpose room for dance, yoga, adult fitness classes and more.    The entire space is air conditioned for year round comfort.



Here at TGC– The Gymnastics Center we have our very own preschool gym area where all our equipment is scaled down to preschool size!  Our preschool programs are designed to capture your child’s imaginative exploration of challenge and build confidence.  Children in these classes are introduced to gymnastics apparatus that develops skills and urges the student to “hang a little longer,” “jump a little higher,” or “do one more cartwheel.”



Our class gym area is equipped to challenge gymnasts ages 6-18.  This area has a full size spring floor,  tumble track, in ground resi pit, in ground loose foam pit, ninja area, balance beams, a bar area as well as various training mats.   Our goal is to help children realize their potential while having fun, building confidence and self-esteem.



Moving to learn…. learning to Move